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The global mobile security landscape has evolved.
Learn how Lookout brings world-class corporate-grade security to today’s post-perimeter world.


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In your Lookout Security Hub you’ll find whitepapers, infographics, case studies and much more to help you to understand security challenges in the post-perimeter world.

Expand your digital business horizon - globally, safely & responsibly

Your employees now work from anywhere in the world. How are you securing your cloud services?

Lookout’s leading technology solutions secure the employee workstyle, allowing users to work remotely from any device, on any network, anywhere in the world, whilst ensuring the safety and security, of both your company, and that of your employees.

Download Lookout’s latest insights to learn more about post-perimeter security.

Putting the trust in zero trust whitepaper

Read this whitepaper to learn why perimeter security is no longer viable, and how phishing attacks are thwarting traditional firewalls. This whitepaper examines the three key statements organisations must hear in order to move forward in protecting corporate resources from leakage and attack.

Mobile phishing 2018: myths and facts facing every modern enterprise today whitepaper

Phishing on mobile is the biggest unsolved cybersecurity problem in the enterprise today. Read this whitepaper to understand the mobile phishing facts that will help you make informed decisions on how to protect corporate data.

The spectrum of mobile risk report

In this overview of the real-world risk landscape we consider the different types of mobile threats and vulnerabilities that put your organisation at risk. Understand how app behaviours and configurations pose an unseen risk to your business.

The mobile risk matrix guide

Using data-driven insights, Lookout has developed the mobile risk matrix to help you understand the full range of risks to your business data from mobility.  Our matrix offers a way to think about your entire spectrum of risk – from device, app, network, web, and content so you can proactively make the right decisions to keep your data secure.

Phishing and content protection datasheet

Phishing is the primary means an attacker is going to use to gain access to your organisations network. Read how phishing is both different and more problematic on a mobile device, as it presents new channels for phishers to deliver attacks beyond corporate email.

Mobile endpoint security datasheet

Read how Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security makes it easy to get visibility into the entire spectrum of mobile risk. Apply policies to measurably reduce risk, and integrate into your existing security and mobile management solutions.

Download Lookout’s latest infographics to learn more about post-perimeter security.

The mobile threat landscape

The world has changed. Your data centre is in the cloud. Starbucks is your new enterprise Wi-Fi. Your users have all gone mobile. Your perimeter has disappeared. Download this infographic to see the latest threat landscape impacting on your business.

Mobile phishing – the biggest unsolved problem in cybersecurity

Did you know – individuals who use mobile devices are 3 x more likely to fall for a phishing attack? Download this infographic to see why your users are more likely to click a phishing link – leaving your organisation vulnerable to an attack.

The rising risk of mobile devices in the workplace

View Lookout’s unique insight into how the growth of mobile devices in the workplace and the blurring of work and personal usage has increased the risk of cyberattacks.

Your perimeter has disappeared. Your corporate data is more vulnerable

View Lookout’s analysis of how mobile working has made the traditional perimeter obsolete and exposes business-critical data to greater security risk.

Controlling the spectrum of mobile risk in a perimeter-less world

View Lookout’s statistics on the growth of unmanaged devices and how businesses are vulnerable to a wide array of different cybersecurity risks.

Take a look at what our trusted clients have to say.

Leading global enterprises trust Lookout to protect mobile data - Buurtzorg protects healthcare data by securing 8K iPads

Global healthcare provider Buurtzorg achieved secure mobility with Lookout. Understand how Buurtzorg managed to protect 8,000 iPads from malware and man-in-the-middle attacks, achieving 100% employee self-remediation of detected threats.

Leading healthcare provider deploys Lookout to protect against data compromise on mobile

This healthcare provider fulfilled recommendations from a regulatory compliance audit while gaining detailed visibility into malware on mobile endpoints. By integrating Lookout with MobileIron they achieved best-in-class mobile security.

Fortune 500 financial services firm closes its mobile security gap

One of the world’s largest investment management firms chose Lookout to provide threat and data leakage protection to over 10,000 managed iOS and Android devices. After just 30 days of deploying Lookout, they were surprised at what they found! Download the case study to learn more.

Global 2000 bank secures 9,000 Android smartphones to fulfil internal compliance requirements

To enable their Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE) mobility policy, this Global 2000 bank deployed Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security to 9,000 Android phones managed by VMware AirWatch and found hundreds of diverse threats upon deployment.

Learn about Lookout’s latest mobile security products and features in these videos.

Post-perimeter security

The perimeter has disappeared. Employees work from anywhere in the world and their devices access corporate data from cloud services outside of traditional security perimeters. Securing data in the post-perimeter world requires organisations to enforce their endpoints and establish continuous conditional access to data based on risk.

Lookout mobile endpoint security

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security is a security solution for your mobile workforce to view and defeat evolving mobile threats. In this short product video, we take you from device enrolment through threat remediation, while showcasing our integration with MDM solutions.

Mobile phishing – The biggest unsolved problem in cybersecurity

Mobile devices connected outside traditional firewalls, typically lack endpoint security solutions, and access a plethora of new messaging platforms not used on desktops. What’s more, the mobile user interface does not have the depth of detail users need to identify phishing attacks. Watch this video.

Spectrum of mobile risk

Your organisation’s critical data is constantly being accessed by mobile devices.  Your CEO uses the same smartphone to send confidential emails, snap family photos, inspect customer records, get directions to meetings, and scrutinise financial reports. Every employee in your organisation does the same thing. You have no visibility into where your corporate data goes once it leaves the network, and little or no ability to enforce your security policy to protect it.

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30th July
Believe you have no threats on mobile? Or have you just not detected them yet?

4 Cyber attacks have evolved over the past 25 years from obnoxious sequel slammers to highly skilled, highly resourced (sometimes government backed) attacks. The mobile security environment is almost entirely different than the security environment for PC’s. You cannot look at the two, or treat them the same way.

Join this security and risk webinar to learn:

  • How your security strategy needs to adapt to the mobile world
  • Why it is imperative to include mobile in you EDR and SIEM strategy to protect against all threats
  • How to reduce the risk of a data breach through mobile

10th Sept
The emerging risk around leaky and non-compliant mobile apps

As organisations are increasingly embracing mobile devices in the workplace, mobile apps have become the primary way that data is accessed and transmitted.

Organisations are allowing employees to freely download mobile apps and use in-house built apps without having any visibility into the security or what those apps are actually doing on the device. This brings new risks that are often not addressed.

Join this security and risk webinar to learn:

  • The difference between app risks and mobile threats
  • The emerging risk around leaky and non-compliant apps
  • Tips from security experts on how to mitigate risk

22nd Oct
Lookout featuring Gartner CARTA: The New Approach for all Facets of Security

“By 2020, 60% of digital businesses will be integral parts of larger digital business ecosystems.” – Gartner, Seven Imperatives to Adopt a CARTA Strategic Approach, April 2018

The enterprise is at a crossroads. While most organisations understand the reality of our post-perimeter world, security strategies have not kept pace—especially when it comes to protecting critical endpoints vulnerable to attack and data leakage.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to successfully enable security and compliance in our post-perimeter world
  • How Lookout Post-perimeter Security and the Gartner CARTA model work together
  • How to create enterprise security without compromising productivity, privacy, or user experience

3rd Dec
Protect corporate data in the cloud from mobile threats

As your organisation’s business becomes increasingly reliant on cloud and mobile, what are the types of threats you need to be concerned with?

Learn more about how to protect your organisation from threats targeting your corporate data from guest speaker IDC’s Phil Hochmuth, Program Vice President, Enterprise Mobility as he discusses:

  • How organisations are preparing for digital transformation
  • What are the security priorities for CISOs through 2020
  • What platforms and technologies are seen as high risk for the next 5 years
  • What are the key mobile threats that organisations are seeing
  • How are organisations addressing these threats

14th Jan
How to secure your Post-perimeter world

In an increasingly cloud and mobile focused world, employees continue to use a mix of managed and unmanaged devices to access corporate resources.

They have greater control over the tools used for work, and often leverage consumer tools in place of corporate apps and services assigned to them by IT. This can lead to blindspots in your organization’s security.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • The challenges for IT to provide secure access to corporate data on mobile devices
  • How to secure an estate of managed and unmanaged devices while offering employees control


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Putting the trust in zero trust whitepaper

Mobile phishing 2018: myths and facts facing every modern enterprise today whitepaper ​

The spectrum of mobile risk report

The mobile risk matrix guide

Phishing and content protection datasheet

Mobile endpoint security datasheet

Mobile phishing 2018: myths and facts facing every modern enterprise today whitepaper

Putting the trust in zero trust whitepaper

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