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As your organisation’s business becomes increasingly reliant on cloud and mobile, what are the types of threats you need to be concerned with?

Learn more about how to protect your organisation from threats targeting your corporate data from guest speaker IDC’s Phil Hochmuth, Program Vice President, Enterprise Mobility as he discusses:

  • How organisations are preparing for digital transformation
  • What are the security priorities for CISOs through 2020
  • What platforms and technologies are seen as high risk for the next 5 years
  • What are the key mobile threats that organisations are seeing
  • How are organisations addressing these threats
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About Appurity

Appurity’s focus on mobile device security and app delivery ensures that our clients across all verticals are provided with best of breed, secure solutions. Appurity are mobile specialists as recognised by our partnership with industry leader Lookout. The adoption of mobile devices, whether iOS, macOS, Windows10 or Android, smartphone or tablet, is driving change in business process and Appurity are helping companies deliver their mobile initiatives. The prevalence of mobile devices has seen an increase in mobile specific malware and attacks; Appurity provide solutions to ensure devices are compliant and secure.