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  • Phishing is the primary means an attacker is going to use to gain access to your organisations network. Read how phishing is both different and more problematic on a mobile device, as it presents new channels for phishers to deliver attacks beyond corporate email.

  • Phishing on mobile is the biggest unsolved cybersecurity problem in the enterprise today. Read this whitepaper to understand the mobile phishing facts that will help you make informed decisions on how to protect corporate data.

  • In this overview of the real-world risk landscape we consider the different types of mobile threats and vulnerabilities that put your organisation at risk. Understand how app behaviours and configurations pose an unseen risk to your business.

  • Read how Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security makes it easy to get visibility into the entire spectrum of mobile risk. Apply policies to measurably reduce risk, and integrate into your existing security and mobile management solutions.

  • Using data-driven insights, Lookout has developed the mobile risk matrix to help you understand the full range of risks to your business data from mobility. Our matrix offers a way to think about your entire spectrum of risk – from device, app, network, web, and content so you can proactively make the right decisions to keep your data secure.

  • Read this whitepaper to learn why perimeter security is no longer viable, and how phishing attacks are thwarting traditional firewalls. This whitepaper examines the three key statements organisations must hear in order to move forward in protecting corporate resources from leakage and attack.


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BLAUD is the Enterprise Mobility specialist in the Netherlands. Our products and services are 100% focused on accelerating, securing and mobilizing business processes and employees. With Lookout’s security features BLAUD can offer you a layered security concept which fits seamlessly with our current Unified Endpoint Management portfolio and adds extra quality to the security of your company data.

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